martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

6.Diary entry based on arranged marriages

Dear diary

Today my father and mother told me that I will get marriage son but with a girl I don’t know, it is a tradition in my culture that the wedding of the person is arranged by his parents, when the couple are young, that means that I will marriage a women I don’t now but the thing is that we will be together for the rest of our life’s, I don’t know if I want the be with she, what if she is ugly or bad with me? Maybe she is in the same position that I am because of this arrange marriage agreed by our parents. Perhaps I should go and talk with my parents and tell them how I feel now, but I know what they are going to say to me don’t worry everything will be all right, maybe this is fine, they also went through this, his marriage was also arranged by their parents and when I see them, they seem to be happy one with the other, maybe I should go and meet she in person before our parents start planning the wedding, maybe she is very sheet, kind, funny and nice. That is what I will do and also I will go and tell my parent what I what to do, and they could even incite me to do this, I am not agree in what my tradition of my culture says but I know if my father and mother agree with the other family to do this is because they like the tradition is because it maybe the best four us and the family status and other important thing that may parents are thinking in, and I should be in agree in all of that.

5. Cartoon Analysis of Gender stereotypes

In the third image we can see two women in their bedroom using computers and also talking about taking a class next year on how to avoid rape, but the thing is that is not she's fault, because one of them say that first they have to have already pass the how to dress class, How to behave class and the how to please everyone, this means that women’s are rape because they dress with a few clothes, showing a lot of skin, provoking men’s to rape them and attacked them, sow the women’s have to change the way they dress, to not get rape.